MaNia komplettiert AL-Lineup

25.09.2012 18:40

Erst gestern berichteten wir über das neue Dota 2 Lineup von Absolute Legends. Heute bereits gab die Organisation den fehlenden fünften Spieler bekannt, der nun das Team komplettieren wird. Zu dem ansonsten osteuropäischen Aufgebot, gesellt sich dabei der däne Brian ‚MaNia‘ Strandby.

Statemenet Brian ‚MaNia‘ Strandby

I was actually planning to retire entirely from the competetive scene,
but after watching International 2, I have started to play some pub
again. I think that everyone who plays DotA2 knows how addictive it is
when you first start killing some pubs 😛 So here I am again!

have no real idea how I ended in the squad, since I´m sure that most
people would think that I wont really fit into the russian/romanian
gaming community, but I’ve been a big believer in trying new things, so I
am now 100% committed to this team and I really want to help the team
grow and learn from all these super talented and experienced players.

I hope my previous fans(if I still have some out there 😛 ) will keep
supporting me and now also my new teammates. Shoutout to aL for being
amazing people, and I will look forward to work with them as well.

Lineup Absolute Legends Dota 2

eg flag Islam „Samo“ Kenawy  (Team-Manager)
ru Sergey „God“ Bragin
ro Craciunescu „ComeWithMe“ Alexandru
ro Florin „Freezer“ Stoica     
ru Ivan „Vigoss“ Shinkarev
dk Brian „MaNia“ Strandby

Michael Decker